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If you've have noticed that I've been less about sex in the past few months, that's because I've been saving it all for this book! This book contains updated information on previously written topics and brand new never-seen-before topics.

You will be blown away by the 100 pages of sexciting topics such as:
- Penile curvature preferences
- Penis shapes and my preferred shape
- Circumcision - benefits and my preference
- Reasons why some people are unable to get orgasms
- Involuntary orgasms
- Orgasm quotas
- Evaluation of 6 blowjob positions
- 15 Ways to ask for oral sex
- 8 Reasons why women don't swallow semen

I've spent countless hours researching the latest information and reflecting on my past experience to write this book. Don't waste your time researching on the Internet or asking your friends for answers. Everything that you need to know about Penises, Orgasms and Oral Sex is in my book. You'll never find a book like this anywhere else. I guarantee this book is 100% ORIGINAL, HONEST and UNCENSORED.

My blog was top 10 Singapore's Most Insightful Blogs in '09 & '10 and received media mentions. I've appeared in a TV talkshow and write regularly for Men's Health magazine sex section.

"Prominent blogger, renowned for her straight-forward postings on sex-related
issues." ~ The Star.
"部落客性愛女王" ~ 新明日报.

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I can't wait to hear your comments after you've read it! :)

Here's a teaser:

Penis Matters
The penis comes in various shapes. I think they look like lethal weapons.
Torpedo: The most common shape is the torpedo. The shaft is of equal thickness throughout and ends with a rounded-tipped head.
Rocket: The shaft is of equal thickness throughout and narrows into a small and pointy head like the tip of a sharpened pencil.

The most intense orgasm – the "OMG!" orgasm (OMGO) – makes me feel totally out of control. This is earth-shattering and mind-blowing! It feels like I am being brought to the edge of the universe and I might burst into a million bits. In that split second when I can feel that I am reaching orgasm, I am usually in two minds about whether to stop or continue – I want to feel that high but I am afraid to get blown out of the universe! I always have to grab hold of something so that I do not get blown away. The feeling is out of this world! This is indeed a la petite mort (French for “little death” which is a common reference for a sexual orgasm. I find this appropriate because there are people who get heart attacks during sex!). The result of this is often squirting, also known as female ejaculation.

The first time I squirted, I wet the car seat. I felt like I urinated but it did not much smell as strong as urine. The man did not complain. With a smile on his face, he said with excitement, “You are so wet!”

Oral Sex

I fantasize about shafting it between my legs and smothering the man. The thought of him going down on me on his own accord and enjoying the taste and scent of my nectar turn me on. Why does the thought of receiving oral sex (also known as cunnilingus) turn me on?

I have not come across any man who does not like receiving oral sex (also know as fellatio or blowjob). Thankfully, it is not something that I dislike giving. In fact, I enjoy giving oral sex.

But blowjobs are neither easy nor comfortable to do. Job-related injuries include a strained neck, tired jaws and gag reflex. There are five common positions that I use. All of them involve a great deal of hard work.

Position 1: Man lying on his back
This position is relaxing for the man. I have control over the speed and depth. However, being in this position for extended periods of time puts strain on the neck and back. My legs would get tired too. If I am only licking his penis, I can sit or lie down between his legs or by his side. Before I start any up and down movement, I sit either between the man's legs or beside his body with my legs together and tucked under my buttocks. I pivot the movement at my neck, waist or knee. I try not to move my neck excessively. I maintain a straight lower back to minimise back strain as I move my back up and down, pivoting my movement about my waist. I can also choose to pivot my movement about my knees instead. I use my thigh muscles to move my body up and down. I can alternate between using my neck, back or thighs or use all three movements at the same time. If my hands are not occupied with other tasks, I place them on the bed to support my body to take some load off my waist and legs. Whichever way I do it, this position is still strenuous.

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azrul said...

how can a malaysia own the book/

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Azrul, you can pay by credit card or paypal and I will mail it to you.

Anonymous said...

just saw this post....still have stock? :)

Yu-Kym said...

Yes, it's in stock :)

Yusoff said...

How lucky am I to be one of the few people that got a first hand experience of the book.I really enjoy the book. I just wish it is thicker, juicier and with graphics...oops that will be porn magazine then...hahaha. Seriously, a sex education that you can't get at any school..not even at tertiary level…lol. I agree it is the most sexciting book by a local writer. I give it 4 erection (out of 5). :)

8==> 8==> 8==> 8==>

Anonymous said...

Great book, good amount of information. Great for light reading in during travels. nice cover as well


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Dear Kym / Charlene babe,

Juz wanna say your 1st book rockz! It is a "Gre8t" book for light reading! :)

After a day's work/class, the last thing u want to read is another thick book or classics ;) and yet this book offers:-

1) Good info esp i felt for the boys/yet to be man-guys/men/ single or married.

2) Some info / knowledge on the we might not know stuff.

3) I enjoyed reading and learning from your experiences :P.

All in all, it's not easy to publish a book besides the knowledge, courage and determination.. etc.


Pink Miu Miu =)

Anthony said...

Received it today and finished reading it in under 4 hours, one of the few books which I don't look at the ending page number and calculates "when am I going to complete it" !

Enjoyed reading it and suitable for light reading during travelling. The book and font size does matter and is pleasing to the eyes.

If you are her ardent blog follower, you would recognized most of the articles are available from Yu-Kym's blog. Good thing she does includes some of the significant comments which you would not have bother to go through line by line.

I particularly like the line "No women likes a soft tofu penis, might as well just cut it up and make soup" :)

oh well, great book ! keep it up !

charlieTT said...

Hi Yu-Kym

Great book! Topics and info were well covered. Book was written in a straight forward and easy to read and understand.

I will not hesitate to buy your next book. Let me know when it's coming. Gook luck, Yu-Kym!

Theodore said...

Hi Kym,

I've completed the book long ago and sorry for this late feedback *wink* It is nice to read what a girl wrote about her views and share on sexual related stuff. This enable we guys to take good note and learn *grin* And yes....easy to read !

Joseph said...

Still have stock?

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Joseph, yes it is in stock :)

POISONIV said...

Yu-Kym, your sexciting book is indeed sexciting and I quite enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing! Just so you know, my bf got it for me as a surprise as he thought that I would find it to be great reading material. And boy, was he RIGHT!

We both had fun - and still do - reading bits of the book here and there every now and then! (Mind you, I have finished reading it...for the umpteenth time!) Oh, one more thing. I was thrilled when you had autographed the book!!!

You have to let me know if you have any more new book(s) in line!

Do keep up the good work, Yu-Kym.

Anonymous said...

would like to give my feedback to you:-

1) plus
2) minus
3) suggestions

1) plus -
1.1 the length of each chapter is about right, easy for people to read, stop read again

1.2 the language style is to the point, a bit commanding at times (which reflect an authoritive experience is talking - some weak men might find intimidating but something to be admired by confident men)

1.3 the points are in-depth, clearly from your own or close friends' experience and refreshing not to be found in any cosmopolitan or her world magazine

1.4 I can see your consist message which is sex is enjoyable but requires work & research & willingess to experiment and yet you draw limits here and there, i.e. enjoy with responsibility

2) minus
2.1 keen followers of your blog might feel a bit disappointed as they find some of the chapters were taken from your blog. well it is inevitable as some of your best works are already in the blog

3) suggestions
3.1 generally the book is attractive but can be enhanced further by having some visuals - either photos of you, some artistic drawing related to the subject matter in the chapter, or funny comics...people nowadays might be attracted more by visual impacts (me, though, prefer to read and fantasize)

3.2 perhaps you can run a survey in your blog and produce the survey results/readers' comment in the book - it will show some interactive with readers

Hope my 2 cents worth is relevant

admirer from KL

Za said...

Nice read, has the main and important parts that men should know. A must buy!!

Kelvin Tan said...

Hi Yu- Kim,

is the book still available?

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Kelvin, yes it is available :)

Anonymous said...

It's a steamy book written by an attractive lady. I enjoyed it. :) - PT